Connie Burch

Happy Mother's Day Connie! <3


Connie Burch is one of the most hardworking and driven women I have ever encountered in my life. Not only is she remarkably talented and driven in her professional pursuits, but she is a compassionate and truly inspiring mother. Connie lives for her family. She is infinitely generous to everyone in her life but even more so for her family. If you have a pain or a heartache, she shares it. She works hard and has set an example for her children of what hard work and integrity looks like. She lives it without the slightest deviation. She does not accept excuses for anything but your best, but will not leave your side in your journey to get there, putting in at least as much effort as you. She is the driving force in our family, with boundless energy. She is the best mother and wife a family could ever ask for. We all appreciate and love her every day, not only on Mother's Day.

As a mother, Connie raises two PITA sons that have left home on sturdy legs that she helped to train. From teetering across the living room floor to beginning their own professional lives Connie has been a guiding hand and a reassuring voice in times of stress and doubt.

This seemingly endless compassion and strength is in no small part a product of her own mother, Pat Miller. Throughout her own life, the lives of her children and the the lives of her grandchildren Pat Miller has been a steadfast supporter of those she loves. She has managed to breach some seemingly insurmountable barriers in the interests of her children. Pat managed to insulate them, thus providing Connie, David and Mike with a better childhood and a more promising future.

Let this serve as a token of the deserved appreciation for all that Pat and Connie have done for us and as a means to express our deepest gratitude. Happy Mother's Day.